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Our Team

Our staff and consults consist of certified Behavior Specialists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Pathologists with combined experience of over 15 years. Omega Behavioral Consulting, Inc.'s mission is to provide children with high quality services, that will foster acquisition of skills in all areas of development. We specialize in early intervention services, behavior management, as well as social skills training. All interventions are grounded in teaching principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

 Sabrina Omega- Petitfrere, MS, BCBA

 Executive Director 


Sabrina Omega is a passionate Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who lives in awe of her career path daily. Her love of psychological theories caused her to pursue psychology as a major, but nothing prepared her for the life changing experience of taking her first class in Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA). She immediately decided to reserach and then enroll into THE nation's number one graduate program for Applied Behavior Analysis at Florida State University.


During her path, she never imagined how much she would enjoy working closely with children between the ages of 1.5-16 years old with autism and related disabilities. She was able to gain experience in applying behavioral analytic techniques to create programs designed for skill acquisition, improving daily living skills, and reducing negative behaviors. She has also had the priviledge to practice as a top consultant and advisor in a variety of settings such as homes, schools, and agencies, while teaching many skill sets including verbal behavior and social skill groups.



In addition, as a Infant-Toddler Developmental specialist she particularly relished in the experience with conducting evaluations for the Broward County Early Steps program, where she detected red flags for autism and educated over a hundred new families. Given the lack of information about autism and ABA, Sabrina became determined in properly training parents and caregivers in understanding how to better manage their child's behaviors and closing gaps in their developmental delays.