1. You complete the Interest Form below and answer questions to specify which integral services will most benefit your child. (Don’t worry, choose as many services as you like. Our structured in-take process is incredibly intuitive and will route you to the programs that best fit your child’s needs)

  2. The form is reviewed by our expert Client Care Department who will then send you a link to a secure HIPPA compliant Patient Form online, in order to begin the process. (Here you will upload a copy of your insurance and autism prescription)


Benefit Verification

  1. We will call your insurance provider to conduct a courtesy benefits check and request authorization for assessment. (This can take 5-7 business days depending on your insurance provider)

    1. For private pay clients, we will schedule a 10-minute call to discuss rates and your customized payment options.

  2. Once your plan is verified or a payment agreement has been reached, you will be prompted to schedule your initial Assessment.  (This assessment will evaluate your child’s current skills sets and deficits in order to properly recommend the types of program models and frequency of hours that will produce optimal results).


Initial Assessment

  1. Your initial assessment will be conducted by experienced clinicians working collaboratively to get to know your child.(Here you will get answers regarding your developmental concerns, specific program details, scheduling policies, and recommendations for treatment hours)

  2. Based on the results, an individualized treatment plan will be designed and submitted to your insurance provider for approval for the proposed treatment sessions. (*this can take between 3-14 days depending on your insurance provider).


  1. Upon approval, we will contact you to review and discuss availability, transportation needs, and a start date.


First Session!

  1. Whether sessions occur at home, at our center, or your child’s school, we will contact you to introduce your family to your child’s DREAM TEAM.  

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