Let’s make a difference together and reframe the future of differently-able children!


Want to lend a helping hand to those who need it the most to make their place in the world?


Want to bring about awareness and acceptance for the special needs of autistic children?


Join hands with Omega Center for Autism to help children with special needs. Together we can create prospects of growth, trust, and adjustment for our favorite population.

Why Work With Omega Center?


The benefits we offer are worth applying for right away!


  1. Enjoy W2 Employee Status:

  • 30+ hours per week 

  • Enjoy supple Working Hours

  • The large variety of services offered keeps your schedule full

  1. Secure your Health Reimbursements:

  • Health premium assistance & gym membership

  1. Earn Generous Incentives and Bonuses:

  • Get a bonus of 15+ Paid Vacations, including holidays 

  • Frequent Performance Bonuses.

  • Advancement at all levels

  1. Enrich your Skills with On-Going Paid Training Facilities:

  • Case Management Workshops and Strategy Meetings 


  1. Receive Hefty Budgets:

  • Monthly Budgets to shop for your client

  • Paid CEUs & Continuing Education Conference Budget


  1. University Student Training Programs: 

  • Professional development

  • Flexible Scheduling for students.

  • Premier Student Analyst Program, “Go Beyond”, where ABA students can stay on track 

  • Newly built Industrial and Organizational Psychology Internship experience. 


  1. Our Management and Peer Team are there for Supporting You:

  • Micro – Session Feedback for monitoring your skill development

  • Re-Training for Therapists who need more support in specific aspects of ABA. 


  1. RBT Supervision:

  • Become nationally certified as a Registered Behavior Technician

  • Ongoing supervision of RBT’s 

  •  Annual Competency Assessment is Free


  1. Train under veteran BCBAs:

  • Group Supervision Meetings and Study Groups.

  • Our rigorous training trains people from all walks of life

  • We understand that not everyone’s journey into the field of ABA will be the same


Current Job Vacancies--can we have it in such a way to appear only those we need without constantly updating the website? 

Omega Center for Autism is accepting applications for the following designations. 


  1. RBT (Registered Behaviour Technician):

  • Execute treatment strategies for the autistic children developed by the BCBA 

  • Monitor factors like communication skills, social behaviors, daily activities, health habits, and challenges in speech, socializing or learning.


  1. BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst):

  • Construct and monitor a range of examinations supported by controlled environments to analyze behaviors an autistic child may portray in variable situations. 

  • Develop a treatment strategy to cater to the grey areas of the child’s personality/ behavioral grooming.


  1. Speech Pathologist:

  • Diagnose, treat, and help autistic children overcome speech, language, and swallowing disorders through screenings and therapy.


  1. Assistant to Speech Pathologist:

  • Conduct language and speech programs and activities designed by the SP according to the challenge levels an autistic child might face. 


  1. Occupational Therapist:

  • Provide structured therapy and equipment to engage the sensory and psychomotor skills of an autistic child.

  • Set patterns for conducting day to day routines.


  1. Assistant to Occupational Therapist:

  • Present as a role model in activities.

  • Monitor the child’s daily improvements in doing individual tasks.


  1. Human Resources Specialist:

  • Recruit, train, delegate and facilitate queries and issues of employees.


  1. Client Care Specialist:

  • Satisfy the needs and FAQs of the organization’s clients.

  • Manage and update files and records.

  • Handle correspondence between administration and client.


Ready to take a step towards community service? Apply now!

Work With Us

We are always looking for new members to join our team. Currently we have openings for:

  • RBT's 

  • BCBA's

  • BCabas

  • Speech Pathologists

  • Speech Pathologist Assistants

  • Occupational Therapist Assistants

  • Human Resources Specialist

  • Client Care Specialists and more!

RBT training available to behavior assistants

Supervision is available to those sitting for Bcaba or BCBA exam.

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