Developmental Screenings

Have you recently acknowledged the alarming news from your child's teacher or daycare staff?

Now you know, but not sure whom to turn to?

You want to learn more, but are uncertain about reliable sources that might guide you on what to do next.
Did the doctor diagnose your child with autism and send you on your way, but you now feel more lost than ever? 

We can help!
We offer Developmental Screenings to help guide parents like you who just want someone who will not judge them and listen to their concerns. Your child is important to you and we want to help ease your hunches about what is going on with your child and turn them into solid answers. 


  • Dedicated 60-minute appointment to address your child’s needs

  • Expert clinicians who will listen to you, helping you verbalize and map out what concerns you have regarding the child’s development

  • Clinicians with 20 years of combined experience across many differently-abled children, which makes them able to point out red flags and explain them to you in plain and easy to digest language

  • A customized report of the findings that you can use to access programs from many types of professionals in the community 

  • Summary of clear and logical next steps to get your child the help they need quickly

  • Feeling of relief and more clarity of where to go next 

  • A chance to connect with professionals who care to educate you every step of the way

Omega Center for Autism extensively advises parents to obtain awareness about Early Diagnosis and Intervention.

What happens if Early Intervention is NOT practiced?

Intervening early prevents the children on adapting to a truly vicious cycle that develops between ASD children and those around them.

Though if this process is not considered timely, there might be repercussions. The relationship of tension and distrust revolves between the autistic child and their guardian for a longer period of time if the diagnosis is denied and treatment is delayed. 

Rebecca Landa, the Director of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger Institute, in Baltimore believes lack of awareness, negligence in not noticing early signs of autism and not seeking the rightful supervision, treatment and help at the end of parents can worsen this state of mind.

“In general, the less responsive a child is – the less he converses, smiles, makes eye contact,” says Landa. She believes this happens when the autistic child tends to get lesser response, smiles, conversation and eye contact in return from parents and other people close to him. This results in the child then spending more time focusing just on himself, paying attention to things that won't help him relate to others around him.

"A key part of early intervention is teaching parents how to elicit responses and get the best out of their baby," says Landa.

You as parents have a major role here. Step up for your child and become more vigilant in responding to the small actions and reflexes your child presents to people and scenarios.

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