Individualized language and behavior therapy is offered to all children with developmental delays or with special needs such as autism and other related disorders. As mentioned in our ABA information page, evidence-based treatment will focus on increasing skill deficits and decreasing excess behavior patterns that are interfering with your child's learning.

ABA Therapy Services

Services Include:

Behavior Management Training for Parents:


  • Comprehensive behavioral assessment of your child

  • Effective strategies for reducing negative behavior

  • Practical techniques and live demonstration with your child

Developmental Delay Screenings:


  • Comprehensive developmental assessment

  • Extensive sit down review of the report

  • Community resources and other educational tools for support

  • 1:1 ABA Therapy by certified and trained professionals 

Behavior Reduction Therapy:

At Omega Autism Center we assess and then create individualized Behavior Support Plans (BSP) to target negative behaviors commonly displayed by children with autism, developmental delays or children not diagnosed at all. The plan also details the interventions needed to teach the child to replace those behaviors with more positive ones. They are always written in a way that is void of scientific jargon so that any caregiver can read, understand, and implement the same strategies. Through individual therapy and/or parent and teaher training, we have successfully intervened with behaviors ranging from mild to severe. 

Additional Services:


  • 1:1 Language and Behavior Therapy 

  • Developmental Delay Screenings

  • Academic & Classroom Assistance

  • Intensive Potty Training

  • Functional Self-Care Skills

  • Reduction of Self-Stimulatory Behaviors

  • Regulation of Sensory Processing Disorders

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