Step Ahead ABA-based preschool Program

Our ongoing Early Enrichment program is highly recommended for families to jumpstart ABA services, and pre-academic enrichment for your child to acquire the necessary skills. We specialize in developmental delays, autism, ADHD, speech delays, and more.

Does your child not fit in traditional day care settings? Has your child been removed from different settings because the professionals did not know how to work with them? Our early enrichment Day program known as Step Ahead, prepares children 2-6 years old with academic enrichment and behavior management they need to prepare for Kindergarten and beyond.  Our unique program is set up in a one to one ratio with highly trained behavior therapists that can meet his/her needs.

ABA-Based Preschool Structure – What will my child’s day include?

  • ABA therapy – a significant portion of your child’s session will be 1:1 learning with an RBT using programs developed by your BCBA based on your input and skill assessments. This can look different for each child, but will involve some combination of natural learning opportunities (learning during play and fun activities) and more structured learning opportunities, such as table work. The details and proportions will depend on each child’s age and individual needs.

  • Occupational and Language Therapy – Preschoolers are encouraged to participate in language therapy and/or OT. Your BCBA will collaborate with your child’s other therapists to incorporate their knowledge and increase consistency across therapies. Our Speech and Occupational therapists will also consult with the preschool team as a whole to create an environment that maximizes learning in their areas of expertise.


Group and social skills in a preschool format: 

  1. Group activities: Our kiddos are fun and adorable, but our goal is not to keep them forever! We want our learners to take the skills they learn with their RBTs out into the world and transition to less restrictive environments if and when they’re ready, such as school, daycare, gymnastics class, etc. We use scheduled group activities and our group skills curriculum to move learners from very basic skills such as sitting with peers and responding in a group to longer activities that mimic common preschool structure.

  2. Classroom routines: Your child will also be exposed to common school routines like managing belongings, lining up, and restroom routines.

  3. Social skills: One of the most important parts of life is friends and social interaction. Typically developing kids learn so much from play and their peers! With this in mind, we highly emphasize social and play skills. In addition to group activities that range from more academic (lesson on the number 2) to more fun (playing red light – green light), the preschool schedule includes “play dates.” Learners with complimentary social needs are paired up and, with the help of their RBTs, work on anything from simply learning that another child can be a source fun to independently participating in a cooperative game.  

9:00am-2:30pm Daily 

What makes us Unique:


  • 1:1 Ratio

  • Globally recognized T.E.A.C.H.H structured visual approach

  • Communication, language, social skills, Occupational and Speech Therapy 

  • Development assessments

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA's) on site 

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